C-prints often accompanied by paper or cardboard objects
Time Passing Objects are photographs of three-dimensional objects and are sometimes shown with the objects themselves. Constructed from unstable materials such as paper and cardboard, the objects are painted black. As more and more paint is applied, they begin to collapse slightly under its weight. The process of applying paint and the consequent gradual collapse of the object itself are registered by means of various parallel or single images, all multiple exposures on a single negative.

Time Passing Objects – Dream House
C-print 71 x 91 cm
Time Passing Objects 01
C-prints 35.5 x 41 cm and 35.5 x 42 cm
Time Passing Objects 04
Time Passing Objects 02
C-prints 35.5 x 42 and 35.5 x 41 cm
Time Passing Objects
Time Passing Objects 03
C-prints 35 x 40.5 and 35 x 41.7 and 35 x 40.5 cm