24 April – 12 Juli 2021

Aerdenhout NL
With work by Karel Appel, Jean Brusselmans, Bell & Frick, Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Corneille, Michael Dean, Anders Dickson, Arthur Wesley Dow, Afra Eisma, Jean Fautrier, Adolph Gottlieb, George Grosz, William Leavitt, Mario Mafai, Aristide Maillol, Arturo Martini, Katja Mater, Pieter Laurens Mol, Adolphe Monticelli, Salvo, Sophy Naess, Ardengo Soffici, JCJ Vanderheyden and Édouard Vuillard.

02 April – 05 September 2021

Leopold Vanderkelenstraat 28, Leuven BE
Leyla Aydoslu, Younes Baba-Ali, Béatrice Balcou, Christiane Blattmann, Aleksandra Chaushova, Dieter Durinck, Alexis Gautier, Hamza Halloubi, Olivia Hernaïz, Vedran Kopljar, Katja Mater, Hana Miletić, Meggy Rustamova, Mostafa Saifi Rahmouni, Kato Six, Gintauté Skvernyté, Ken Verhoeven, Oriol Vilanova and Anna Zacharoff.

27-28 March – 26 September 2021

Rue des Amours 10, La Louvière BE
Curated by Emmanuel Lambion
With work by Xavier Antin, Apparatus22, Jacques André, Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver, Babi Badalov, Charlotte Beaudry, Léa Belooussovitch, Aline Bouvy, Lucia Bru, Basile Bruneau, Marc Buchy, Mirko Canesi, Alexandra Chaushova, Michiel Ceulers, Thomas Couderc, Alexis Etienne, Michael Dans, Denicolai & Provoost, Emeline Depas, Lise Duclaux, Serena Fineschi, Kendell Geers, Laetitia Gendre, Valérian Goalec, Matthias Greenhalgh, Eleni Kamma, François de Jonghe et Sukrii Kural, Nicolas Lamas, David Maljkovic, Katja Mater, Fabien Mathieu, Gérard Meurant, Wesley Meuris, Adrien Meurrens, Marianne Mispelaëre, Marlie Mul, Serge Onnen, Odilon Pain, Niels Poiz, Emmanuelle Quertain, Francesc Ruiz, Matthieu Saladin, Vittorio Santoro,Teresa Sdralevic, Endre Tot, Nora Turato, Chloé Van Oost, Daniel van Straalen, Oriol Villanova, Loïs Weinberger

11 March 2021 – 30 Januari 2022

Karlsgatan 2, Västerås SE
Curated by Katarina Elvén
With work by Diana Agunbiade-Kolawole, Gert Aurell, Sarah Charlesworth, Cecilia Edefalk, Beata Fransson, Hans Hammarskiöld, Maria Hedlund, Elisabeth Henriksson, Heli Hiltunen, Katja Mater, Jakob Sjöstedt, Anna Strand, Luigi Veronesi, Cecilia Ömalm

07 February – 09 May 2021

Warandestraat 42, Turnhout BE
In combination with a solo by Peter Morrens, curated by Peter Morrens
With work by Thomas Bogaert, Raphaël Buedts, James Castle, Paul Casaer, Jesse Cremers, Wim Cuyvers, Marc De Blieck, Rik De Boe, Koba De Meutter, Johan De Wilde, Florette Dijkstra, Reinhard Doubrawa, Marguerite Duras, Jimmie Durham, Benoît Félix, Frederic Geurts, Gerard Herman, Hendrick Hondius / Hans Vredeman de Vries, Takahiko Iimura, Pierre Klossowski, Maurice Lemaître, Marcel Mariën, Antoine Marquis, Katja Mater, Peter Morrens, Marc Nagtzaam, Dennis Oppenheim, Xia Roodenburg, John Smith, Batia Suter, Rosemarie Trockel, JCJ Vanderheyden, Gerrit van Bakel, Hannelore Van Dijck, Sine Van Menxel, Herman Van Ingelgem, Wouter Venema, Carel Visser, Leen Voet, James Welling, Dirk Zoete.

? – 29 August 2021

Eemplein 77, Amersfoort NL  
With work by Carolien Arnold, Irina Birger, George Hendrik Breitner, DRIFT, Suzan Drummen, Olafur Eliasson, Gerjanne van Gink, Andy Goldsworthy, Douglas Gordon, Bert Haanstra, Jasper Hagenaar, Jeppe Hein, Cannupa Hanska Luger, Bernard Heesen, Hiwa K, Berk Ilhan, Joan Jonas, Folkert de Jong, Michael Joo, Job Koelewijn, Victor Kossakovsky, Sean Landers, LaTurbo Avedon, Claude Lorrain, Katja Mater, Yvonne Mostard, Hans Op de Beeck, Yoko Ono, Michelangelo Pistoletto, Tanja Ritterbex, Maria Roosen, Kathrin Schlegel, Dries Verhoeven.

12 December & 13 December

62 Rue Commerçants Brussels BE
Welcome for a slow, two-day launch of Time is an Arrow, Error. Welcome, welcome, welcome!

04 December 18:00

Boekhorststraat 126-128 Den Haag NL
Join us for the Den Haag launch of "Time is an Arrow, Error", discover this publication and listen to Katja and Elisabeth discuss its making.


19 November – 22 November 2020

Sint Annenstraat 30 Amsterdam NLPlease join us for the (slow) release of Time is an Arrow, Error at San Serriffe. A book by Katja Mater, with a text by Amelia Groom designed by Elisabeth Klement
79 clocks, 192 pages, open spine, 17 × 21 cm
Printed by Wilco Art Books on Arena White Rough by Fedrigoni

17 October – 15 November 2020

Hazenstraat 20 Amsterdam NL

19 November 2020 – 21 March 2021

Centraal Museum, Agnietenstraat 1, Utrecht NL
The contemporary art collection of Pieter and Marieke Sanders. With the participation of Kunstmuseum Den Haag, the Rijksmuseum, the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and Teylers Museum, an exhibition of 70 contemporary art pieces from the Pieter and Marieke Sanders collection. 

8 May – 23 May 2020
Street view: For the Time Being at Martin van Zomeren

Hazenstraat 20 Amsterdam NL 

‘For the Time Being’ is part of our two-weekly series of street view exhibitions, visible through the windows of the frontspace of our gallery. The street view exhibition runs until Saturday, the 23th

5 February – 9 February 2020

Van Nelleweg 1, Rotterdam NL
Film instalation Dear Sides will be on view at Projections during Art Rotterdam.

25 October 18:00 – 20:00

Boekhorststraat 126, Den Haag NL
Dare Not | Read On (projection and discussion) 
Poetry is the birthplace of the modern artist's book. With its upcoming program, Page Not Found pays tribute to the interplay between visual arts, poetry and publishing by inviting poets and artists to share their work alike. As pendant to the deliberate poetic act, Page Not Found invited Katja Mater to present her on-going project regarding dyslexia. The work she developed for this project, a double film projection echoing her recent exhibition at P/////AKT (Amsterdam), will be shown for the first time. Katja will also discuss with her guest, designer Salome Schmuki, whose publication “Dyslexia – Chunking Along A Straight Line – At The Crossing Turn Left” investigates this disorder as a graphic design problem.

8 September – 20 October 2019

Zeeburgerpad 53 Amsterdam NL 
When things looked at return your gaze, they can perhaps also subtly offer you different ways in which they allow themselves to be seen. Suggesting an exchange between object and subject, from obverse to reverse, a mise en abyme of sight. And would the same apply when it comes to the act of reading and looking at words?

Opening 7 September, 20 - 24 hrs

Monday 14 October from 15 hr – 16 hr

In Springvossen, Robert van Altena goes in conversation with a visual artist, composer, poet, thinker or other specialist. 

13 September – 2 November 2019

Hazenstraat 28, Amsterdam NL

Kunstverein's third bi-annual Salon Hang

Opening 12 September, 5 - 7 hrs 


05 July – 16 September 2019

Chapelle de La Trinité, Cléguérec, FR
Every summer, L'art dans les chapels presents works by french and international artists settled in chapels all around the city of Pontivy.
Artists are invited to create works interacting with the architecture of those historical places and their landscapes. 
Opening weekend 6, 7, 8, July

15 June – 02 November 2019

A.VE.NU.DE.JET.TE, Institut de Carton, vzw
Avenue de Jette 41, Brussels BE
Saterday 14 hr till 18 hr and by apointment 0485 565 238
Selected artists from Brussels, works by: Melissa Gordon, Fabrice Schneider, Maxime Le Bon, Kurt Ryslavy, Sylvie Eyberg, Katja Mater, Marie Le Mounier, Philippe Van Snick, Anne Daems, Sara Deraedt, Marlie Mul, Laurent Dupont, Anna Zacharoff, Wouter Huis, Fiona Mackay, Beat Streuli, Stephanie Kiwitt, Mitja Tušek, Elly Strik, Salome Schmuki, Theo Cowley, Voebe de Gruyter, Pierre Leguillon, Suchan Kinoshita, Bernard Voïta, Pieter Laurens, Mol Eran Schaerf, Hadassah Emmerich, Marie José Burki, Simon Thompson.
Opening Saturday 15 June  16 - 19 hr

20 April – 15 September 2019

Wilhelminaplein 92, Leeuwarden NL
The museum will reveal how it has been collecting stories about Friesland for almost 150 years in the wide-ranging exhibition Collected work: the rich collection of Friesland. From centuries-old heritage to contemporary art.

21 April – 26 May 2019

Koophandelstraat 12, Wetteren BE
Freeze-Frame, a Vanitas of Light' investigates in what form film can exist without the physical presence of film. The starting point is the local history of Wetteren, where in the 1960s were four cinemas; Cinema Roxy, Cinema Nova, Cinema Max and Cinema Forum. The socialists, liberals and Catholics, each had their own cinema and one was there for the 'naughty' films. Now that these cinemas have disappeared from the street scene, the question remains whether the cinematic is still present in Wetteren, or can be, and how an idea of film can exist without actually being present as a film.
With work by: Katja Mater, Alexandra Navratil en Robert Beavers. Scenography: Mathias Prenen.
Curated by godart Bakkers and Vincent de Roder.
Opening 21 April 11-18h. Finnisage 26 May.

03 February 2019

Zaagmolenstraat 127a Rotterdam
A fundraiser for the brand new Tender Center Rotterdam. An afternoon of music, snacks, drinks, wonderful company, and the chance to go home with many beautiful artworks donated by a generous wider community of artists near and far including: Toon Fibbe, Marnie Slater, Katja Mater, Jonathan Kok Wai, Luis Rios Zertuche, Eothen Stearn, Sofia Stevi, Cyanne van den Houten, Madison Bycroft and many many others. Doors open at 3pm. Bidding closes at 7pm.

07 – 10 February 2019

Van Nelleweg 1, Rotterdam NL 
Winner of the NN Group Art Award, an incentive prize for exceptional talent, : The jury praised the recent steps in Katja Mater’s work. Mater (Hoorn, 1979) graduated in 2005 from De Ateliers in Amsterdam. She investigates the parameters of photography and film in which time, space and perception play a central role. The jury found her work to be intelligent and full of unpredictable results. What viewers see is not the same as what is happening in front of their eyes. Mater creates a different dimension, depicting depth and movement in a surprising way. Her work is also full of dualities: light-hearted and serious, improvised and deliberate at the same time. The work shows an adult artist who has not forgotten how to play. The jury expressed admiration for how Mater has successfully added a new chapter to an oeuvre that increasingly shows a strong own identity in the Dutch art landscape.

27 Januari - 21 April 2019

Warandestraat 42, Turnhout BE
With work by: Stephan Balleux, Ruben Bellinkx, Charif Benhelima, David Claerbout, Tom Callemin, Stijn Cole, Johan Creten, Bert De Beul, Rik De Boe, Anouck De Clercq, Ode De Kort, Koba De Meutter, Johan De Wilde, Sanne De Wilde, Reinhard Doubrawa, Geert Goiris, Reece Jones, Aglaia Konrad, Mehdi-George Lahlou , Tom Liekens, Katja Mater, Peter Morrens, Marc Nagtzaam, Nadia Naveau, Renato Nicolodi, Jaromir Novotný, Hans Op de Beeck, Veronika Pot, Berit Schneidereit, Stefan Serneels, Renie Spoelstra, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Batia Suter, Luc Tuymans, Rinus Van de Velde, Hannelore Van Dijck, Marcel Van Eeden, Sine Van Menxel, Philippe Vandenberg, Jan Vanriet, Kevin Vanwonterghem, Dirk Zoete.

09 Januari - 03 Februari 2019

155 Plymouth Street, Brooklyn USA
Echoing a contemporary sentiment, this title voices an urge to stop the treadmill of self-same thought and perceive what is near, around, yet not always seen.  
With work by: Angeli, Angie Keefer, Anna Riley, Catalina Viejo López de Roda, Dulce Gómez, Fotini Vurgaropulou, Hagen Verleger, Irene Mohedano, Jane Long, Johanna Unzueta, Julie Nagle, Karen Donnellan, Katie Hector, Katja Mater, Katy Mixon, Keren Benbenisty, Kyoung eun Kang, Library Stack, Lukas Eigler-Harding, Malin Abrahamsson, Maren Henson, Matthew Schrader, Olivia Baldwin, Romily Alice Walden, Sari Carel, Scaleno Collective, Shuyi Cao, Suzanne Mooney, Tselote Holley, Zhenya Plechkina.  
Curated by Sarah Demeuse, Prem Krishnamurthy.  
Opening Reception: Wed, Jan 9, 6-8pm. 

22 November - 12 January 2018

Hazenstraat 20 Amsterdam NL
With work by Pieter Engels, Katja Mater, Christine Moldrickx, Navid Nuur, Janis Rafa, Marien Schouten
Opening 22 November 17:00 hrs. 

11 December 2018 – 07 April 2019

Oude Drift 1, Laren NL

23 November 2018

Rokin 112 Amsterdam NL
What happens to meaning when it is transformed from text to image, from concept to space or from human to parrot. The 4th symposium will draw on the previous symposium on the subject of emptiness and the nonself: “All phenomena in their own-being are empty (shunya)”. It implies that we and all existences do not have a solid core. How does this Buddhist concept relate to the way in which artists engage in ‘translating’ and ‘visualising’. Is the gesture of pouring meaning from one vessel to another in need of attentiveness to grasp the differences of presence of an image, language or space? Or is it a meaningless gesture in itself, a non existing mental construct?
Performative lecture by Tine Melzer. Films and sound performance by Katja Mater (with Colin Wolf and Byrthe Lemmens). and Tim Ayres interviewed by Rosa Johanna.
23 november 2018 15.00 -17.00 uur
Curated by Marjoca de Greef and Anastasija Pandilovska

09, 10, 11 November 2018

Joala 18, 20103 Narva EE

As Much Time as Space will be on view 8, 9, 10 and 11th of November at Narva Art Residency as part of Paul Kuimet’s exhibition “Five Volumes”. With on 11 November in collaboration with the Estonian Contemporary Art Development Centre the following program:
3pm Lecture by curator Nico Anklam: “Into Deep Space: Conjunctions of Photo and Film or How the Past Imagines the Future”
3.30pm Katja Mater introduces her artistic practice and the work “As Much Time as Space” 
4pm Round table discussion with Nico Anklam, the curator of the exhibition “Five Volumes” and artists Katja Mater and Anu Vahtra (moderated by Ingel Vaikla)

Curated by Ingel Vaikla.

17, 18 & 25 November 2018

10 rue Désiré Niel, Nice FR
My film Threefold will be show as part of the OVNi festival, in the apartment of Colette Soardi by architect Cyril Chênebeau, former studio of Matisse.
curated by Bérangère Armand

07 September – 27 Oktober 2018

Horststraat 28, Holsbeek, BE
Horst brings together a group of artists and architects under the theme “Archetypes” with Atelier Bow Wow, Sheila Hicks, Katja Mater, Children Of The Light, 019, Caroline Coolen, Pieter Huybrechts & Erki De Vries, Leon Vranken and Club Efemeer.
Curated by Gijs Van Vaerenbergh .

23 September – 02 December 2018

 Middenweg 72, Amsterdam NL
With work by Marieke Gelissen Nicky Powell Katja Mater Elspeth Diederix Martijn Mendel Charlotte Dumas Sanne Peper Koos Breukel Maisie Cousins Eva Besnyö Jan Dibbets Marijke van Warmerdam Misha de Ridder Henk van der Leeden. Rob Hornstra Awoiska van der Molen Sjoerd Knibbeler Katharine Cooper. August Sander Popel Coumou Marnix Goossens Misha de Ridder Tobias Asser Tahmineh Monzavi Mehrdad Naraghi Eva Besnyö Eva Sjoerd Knibbeler Edgar Martins.
Curated by Julia Mullié

18 May – 16 Jun 2018

Hazenstraat 20 Amsterdam NL
Opening 18 May 17:00 hrs.  

25 May – 3 June 2018

Cantón Grande 21, 23, 15003, A Coruña SP 
As Much Time as Space is part of the program Métrica y Rima at (S8) Mostra de Cinema Periférico,
along with films by Federico Lanchares, Jodie Mack, Paul Glabicki, Pablo Marín, Robert Todd, Alexandre Larose, Moira Sweeney and Pere Ginard.

The screening is on May 30th, at 5 pm

16 December – 22 April 2018

Centraal Museum, Agnietenstraat 1, Utrecht NL
2017 marked 100 years of De Stijl. This modern art movement has been presented and celebrated in a series of exhibitions across the Netherlands, the Centraal Museum is presenting a final exhibition devoted to works by contemporary artists, from the 1990s until today, for whom the iconic works by Rietveld and Mondriaan are something to mock or to emulate, to interpret or to elaborate on.
With work by General Idea, Erik van Lieshout, Roy Villevoye, Katja Mater, Mary Heilmann, Ding Yi, Barbara Visser, Marc Bijl, Remy Jungerman, Rob Voerman en Reinier Lucassen.
Curated by Bart Rutten

21 March – 24 March 2018

Rue A. Ortsstraat 20-28, 1000 Brussel BE
As Much Time As Space, will be shown in instalation for 4 days as part of the program Poetry is not a Luxury.
A wandering narrative exploring tables, stairs, the perception on space and time, colour and some van Doesburg heritage
Curated by Helena Kritis

24 January – 04 February 2018

IFFR Karel Doormanstraat 278b Rotterdam NL
My film As Much Time As Space will show at the International Film Festival Rotterdam. 
Premiere on Friday 26th of January 19:45 KINO 4
Second screening on Saturday 27th of January 14:30 KINO 4
Part of the program The Human Scale:
As Much Time as Space, Katja Mater, Netherlands, 9'
Monelle, Diego Marcon, Italy, 16'
City of Tomorrow, Gavin Hipkins, New Zealand, 11'
Enigmatic Whisper, Rosa Barba, Germany, 8'
The Distance Between Us, Jan Locus, Belgium, 32'

14 Oktober – 04 Februari 2018

Marta Herford Museum for Art, Architecture, Design.
Goebenstraße 2–10, Herford DE
Gerrit Rietveld and contemporary art.
With e.a. Christoph Büchel, Nicolas Chardon, Marie Cool / Fabio Balducci, Theo van Doesburg, Jean-Pascal Flavien, Sylvie Fleury, Stefan Hoffmann, Thomas Huber, Sofia Hultén, Vilmos Huszár, Imi Knoebel, Bart van der Leck, Erik van Lieshout, El Lissitzky, Mark Manders, Katja Mater, Piet Mondrian, Yves Netzhammer, Tobias Rehberger, Andreas Schmid, Adrien Tirtiaux, Friedrich Vordemberge-Gildewart, Johannes Wohnseifer

November 2017

Stills from rushes As Much Time as Space, 2017 in
BILL (magazine, 2017, Brussels, 176 pages, colour and black and white plates, offset printing, 23 cm x 31 cm), edited and designed by Julie Peeters, published by Roma Publications.
BILL is an annual magazine of photographic stories conceived for slow reading and repeat viewing. Twelve contributors present new or previously unpublished work. BILL prioritizes visual reading without distraction, the images that appear in the magazine are printed without any accompanying text. Contributors to issue 1 are: Jochen Lempert, Ketuta Alexi-Meskhishvili, Katja Mater, Elena Narbutaite, Rosalind Nashashibi & Vivian Suter, Arthur Ou, Scott Ponik, Adam Putnam, Johannes Schwartz, Algirdas Šeškus, Linda Van Deursen and Stand Up Comedy. Launch in Amterdam at San Serriffe November 30

20 December 2017 at 9 PM

Filmhuis Cavia, van Hallstraat 52, Amsterdam NL
Tickets: € 3 or free with you Rietveld Society button
And AT5 Broadcast: December 30 and 31, 10.40 PM
Threefold, 12’00’’
digitalized 16 mm film
Threefold explores the making of a drawing in an approximate spiral with itself. A film creating a new space by resonating between its own past, presence and future.

15 September – 15 October 2017

495 Rogers Avenue Brooklyn US
Opening Reception: Friday, September 15, 7-10pm
In the study of habits and tools, the show will compile new, partly collaborative works that frame the amateur artist as a possible muse.

06 May – 03 September 2017

Eemplein 77 (Eemhuis), Amersfoort NL
With Piet Mondriaan, Theo van Doesburg, Bart van der Leck, Gerrit Rietveld, Georges Vantongerloo, Vilmos Huszár, Barnett Newman, Josef Albers, Richard Paul Lohse, Jasper Johns, Yves Klein, Robert Ryman, Piero Manzoni, Alan Charlton, Richard Serra, Joseph Kosuth, Poul Gernes, Olafur Eliasson, De Rijke/De Rooij, Katja Mater, Jan van der Ploeg, Steven Aalders, Roy Villevoye, Fransje Killaars

25 June – 23 July 2017

Tichelrei 82, Ghent BE

With work by Nelleke Beltjens, Mario De Brabandere,
Arpaïs Du Bois, José Heerkens, Agnes Maes, Katja Mater, Jeff McMillan, Peter Morrens, Thomas Müller,
Ronald Noorman, German Stegmaier, Allyson Strafella, Frank Van Hiel, Marijn van Kreij, and JCJ Vanderheyden.
The gallery is open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday between 2 and 6 pm, and every day by appointment.
Opening Sunday, June 25
at 3 PM - 6 PM

Online now

Now online on, As well as other essays and a selection of Belgium based artist working with photography.

18 March – 16 April

Kerkbrink 6, Hilversum NL
With work by Harm van den Dorpel, Peggy Franck, Katja Mater, Jacco Olivier and the nomunees of the 'Kunst aan de Dijk' Prize.
Curated by Rose Ieneke van Kalsbeek.

01 March – 12 April 2017

I will be artist in residence at the Maison van Doesburg in Meudon FR for six weeks. Living and working in the house Theo van Doesburg build for himself and Nelly van Doesburg in 1930.

24 December 2016 – 27 November 2017

Avenue Céramique 250, Maastricht NL
With work by Francis Alÿs, Monika Baer, Joan van Barneveld, Centrum voor Cubische Constructies, René Daniëls, Jan Dibbets, Peter Doig, Marlene Dumas, Bob Eikelboom, Hadassah Emmerich, Luciano Fabro, Lara Gasparotto, Nancy Haynes, David Heitz, Rodrigo Hernández, Thomas Hirschhorn, Pierre Huyghe, Duan Jianyu, Suchan Kinoshita, Sol LeWitt, Laura Lima, Mark Manders, Katja Mater, Tanja Ritterbex, Roman Signer, Lily van der Stokker, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Emo Verkerk, William P.A.R.S. Graatsma en Kim Zwarts.

20 December 2016 – 30 January 2017

Nám. Jana Palacha 80, Prague CZ
With Atelier E.B., Tauba Auerbach, Katja Mater, Lucy McKenzie, Eileen Quinlan. Historical works: Božena Horneková-Rothmayerová – Civilized Woman, Kato Lukats, Madeleine Vionnet. 
Curated by Lucy McKenzie.
Opening 19 December 18:00 hrs.

11 September 2016 – 30juni 2017

Buurtweg 90, Wassenaar NL
With Ai Weiwei, Francis Alÿs, Massimo Bartolini, Michaël Borremans, Marcel Broodthaers, Enrico Castellani, Susan Collis, Jose Dávila, Rineke Dijkstra, Olafur Eliasson, Haris Epaminonda, Hans-Peter Feldmann, Tom Friedman, Damien Hirst, Olaf Holzapfel, Robert Kinmont, Yves Klein, Pyke Koch, Paul Kooiker, Guillermo Kuitca, Sherrie Levine, Adolf Luther, René Magritte, Mark Manders, Katja Mater, Astrid Mingels, François Morellet, Maurizio Nannucci, Ornaghi&Prestinari, Ugo Rondinone, Turi Simeti, Jan Sluijters, Pascale Marthine Tayou, Esther Tielemans, Kaari Upson, Andy Warhol, Remy Zaugg and Chen Zhen.

Buurtweg 90 2244 AG Wassenaar
06 October – 27 October 2016

81 Rupert Street Collingwood, Melbourne
With Paul Adair, Danica Chappell, Kez Hughes, Annika Koops,
Katja Mater, Isobel Parker Phillip.

19 April 2016 17.30 – 22.00 hr.

9 rue Baron Horta Brussels B
A film programme of Art Brussels in collaboration with CINEMATEK
This programme is a tribute to black, or rather to darkness. Indeed, it is not so much about the colour, or lack of it, but about its event: the instant of darkness as it occurs in cinema spaces. It is when the screen and the room fold into a single indistinct and limitless space; when the screen, the room and the bodies share a sudden invisibility, while perception and feeling remain. Then, in the darkness of the room, both the audience and the film itself fall back on themselves, and the cinema reflects on its creations, its material of light and shadows and the enjoyment of thoughts below the surface.

Films by: Carlos Aires, Pedro Barateiro, Rossella Biscotti, Anouk De Clercq, Johan De Wit, Theo Eshetu, Vikenti Komitski, Malcolm Le Grice, Katja Mater,  Klaus Pamminger, Pamela Phatsimo Sunstrum, Elizabeth Price, Laure Prouvost, Richard T Walker, Mika Taanila, Thomson & Craighead, Fabienne Verdier, John Wood and Paul Harrison.
Curated by Anouk De Clercq and Céline Brouwez.

26 February – 31 Oktober 2016

Masereeldijk 5, Kasterlee BE

With Ellie Wyatt, Luis Alonso Rios Zertuche, Katharina Zimmerhackl, Stephanie Bothor, Katja Mater, Kris Fierens, Katleen Vinck, Kitty Bons, Andrea Galiazzo, Jelle Spruyt, Michaël Fliri, Lieven De Boeck, Margarida Borges, Ricardo Martins, Eduard Martinez, Patricia Martin, Edgar Prieto, Leonilo Doloricon, Juliana Kase Tanno, Marta Kubiak, Eva De Leener, Fik Van Gestel, Mark Verstockt, Willem Oorebeek, Jan Cobbaert, Max Selen, Jef Geys, Maria-Antoinette Courtens, Remy Cornelissens, Linda Vinck, Roel Goussey, Lucie Cleeren, Liliane Vertessen en Renaat Ivens.


In the context of my exhibition Fields on a Line in early 2015 at KIOSK, we present an edition under the same title. This edition reveals the process behind the work in a new, photographic way.
4 c-prints 20 x 25 cm in a box or frame.

11 December 2015 – 24 Januari 2016

Rokin 112 Amsterdam NL
With Lily van der Stokker, Frank Ammerlaan, Malin Persson, Derk Thijs, Pieter Paul Pothoven, Esther Tielemans, Philip Akkerman, Adzer van der Molen, Bas van den Hurk, Tanja Ritterbex, George Korsmit, Jan Adriaans, Johan van Oord, Emo Verkerk, Koen Delaere, Marcel van den Berg, Rogier Taminiau, Mark Hosking, Roel Jeroen van der Linden, Maaike Schoorel, Ronald Schimmel, Ruben Kragt, Wouter Klein Velderman, Jan van der Pol and Katja Mater
Curated by Harm van den Berg, Arnout Killian and Frenk Meeuwsen.
Opening 11 December 17:00 hrs.

22 Oktober – 28 November 2015

Waisenhausplatz 30 Bern CH
With: Melanie Bonajo, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky, Katja Mater, Native Instrument, Marianne Vierø   
Opening 22 Oktober 18.00 hrs.

05 September – 14 November 2015

 Hazenstraat 20 Amsterdam NL
Opening 05 September 17:00 hrs.

12 September – 13 December 2015

Eikelstraat 25, Antwerp BE
Accattone, Wim Catrysse, Céline Condorelli, Jan De Cock, Ferry André de la Porte, Willem de Rooij, Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Maatschappij Discordia, Lili Dujourie, Kersten Geers, Aglaia Konrad, Germaine Kruip, Gabriel Kuri, Valérie Mannaerts, Katja Mater, Josiah McElheny, Manfred Pernice, Bas Schevers, Santiago Sierra, Steve Van den Bosch, Koen van den Broek, Joep van Liefland
and Philippe Van Snick.
Curated by Mihnea Mircan and Wouter Davidts
Opening Friday 11th September 19:00 hrs.

01 October – 10 October 2015

Veteranenstraße 21 Berlin DE
Mary Ellen Bute, Verena Pfisterer, Lis Rhodes, Verena Schirz-Jahn and Katja Mater.
Curated by Jana J. Haeckel and Silke Nowak
Opening 01 October 18:00 hrs.

04 September – 08 Oktober 2015

Goudsewagenstraat 27 Rotterdam NL
10 jaar Trendbeheer
Navid Nuur, Katja Mater, Anouk Kruithof, Marijn van Kreij, Koen Taselaar, Peggy Franck, Marielle Buitendijk en Koen Taselaa.
Curated by Jeroen Bosch
Opening 04 September 20:00 hr.

30 August – 01 November 2015

Masereeldijk 5, Kasterlee BE
Opening 30 Augustus 14:00 hr. with live performance of  NOBAKOV

19 March – 16 April 2015

7561 W. Sunset Blvd 103 Los Angeles, US
Curated by Meghan Gordon
Opening the 19th  18:00 - 21:00 hr.

11 March 2015 19.30 hr.

Masereeldijk 5, 2460 Kasterlee BE
Tussen 25 februari en 18 maart 2015 organiseert FMC vier artist talks met en rond kunstenaars die vernieuwend bezig zijn met print media. Vaast Colson, Katja Mater en Manor Grunewald.

04 February – 13 March 2015

CCS Art Gallery on the UCSB campus, Santa Barbara, US
James Anderson, Sarah Awad, Craig Drennen, Victoria Fu, Gregory Michael Hernandez, Anton Lieberman, Katja Mater, Anne McGuire, Yi Sheng, Brian Taylor, Ariane Vielmetter.
Curated by Robert Wechsler


Brussels art blog Le Salon invited Jana J. Haeckel to visit Fields on a Line at KIOSK and talk to me about the work.

01 February 2015 15.02 hr.

On the last day of the exhibitions Nebenwege and Fields on a Line KIOSK organizes an exhibition walk-through with both artists. The guided tour starts at 3 pm and will be followed by the live screening of 16mm film works and a slide show by Katja Mater:
Searching for White, 16mm film, 2009, The Wheels, 35mm slide show, 2010, Composition of Light, 16mm film, 2013, Fields on a Line, 16mm film, 2014

20 December 2014 – 01 February 2015

Golvenstraat 7 Knokke
Laurent Da Sylva, Torben Giehler, Katja Mater, Luc Vandervelde.

28 November 2014 – 01 Februari 2015

Louis Pasteurlaan 2, Gent BE
Also on view is Nebenwege by Katinka Bock
Curated by Wim Waelput
Opening Friday 28 November 20:00 hrs.

31 October – 30 November 2014

155A Caochangdi, Chaoyang District, Beijing CN
Opening 31 October 14:15 hr.

12 December 2014 – 17 May 2015

Tieltjesstraat 21, Rotterdam NL
Villa Zebra creates exhibitions for children
between 4 and 12 years old.

04 Oktober – 02 November 2014

Avinguda de Vallvidrera 69, Barcelona SP
Opening 04 October 20:00 hr.

27 September – 19 October 2014

Kunstenaarsinitiatief Voorkamer H.Geeststraat 7, Lier BE
Paulien Barbas, Ohad Ben Shimon, Chris Clarke, Oscar Hugal, G. Leddington, Katja Mater, Taiyo Onorato/Nico Krebs, Ryan Rivadeneyra, Anu Vahtra, Ruth van Beek, Ben Van den Berghe, Moritz Wegwerth, Matthias Wollgast.
curated by Glenn Geerinck

29 August – 24 September 2014

An evolving online work at Buenos Tiempos, Int. 14 different paired photographic moments rotating every 46 hours over a period of one month. During the course of the exhibition, the daily changing images and the online environment will be documented to morph into new final images that will be filed in the Buenos Tiempos International archive.

26 June – 24 August 2014

Karin Arink, Elke Baggen, Mimi Berlin, Marc Bijl, Frank Bruggeman, Martin Butler & Floris Didden, Crystal Z Campbell, Maria van Daalen, Esther Dorhout Mees, Marleen Elenbaas, fORS, Freudenthal/Verhagen, Liselore Frowijn, Conny Groenewegen, Wilfred Junior Jansen & Corine Baas, Maartje Jaquet, Desiree Hammen, Chris Kabel, Hans Christiaan Klasema, Germaine Kruip, Klaas Kuiken & Peter van der West, Joris Landman, MAISON the FAUX, MaryMe-JimmyPaul, Katja Mater, Jef Montes & Simone Albers, Navid Nuur, NOMAN, O n e L o v e (Desiree Hammen & Jarwo Gibson), PAD (Dinie Besems & Patty Groot Bluemink), rENs, Siba Sahabi, Manolis Tsipos, Herman Verhagen, Robin de Vogel, Frans-Pieter Vonck, Juliette Warmenhoven, Guido van der Werve, Margret Wibmer, Ken Wolff, You Are Cordially Invited, e.a.

16 May – 2 July 2014

Keizersgracht 609, Amsterdam NL
Daniëlle van Ark,  Linus Bill, Blommers & Schumm, Raphaël Dallaporta, Lara D'Hondt, Fleur van Dodewaard, Constant Dullaart, Uta Eisenreich, Stephen Gill, Marnix Goossens, Pieter Hugo, Joris Jansen, Katja Mater, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Alex Prager, Peter Puklus, Misha de Ridder, Viviane Sassen, Lieko Shiga, Taryn Simon, Lorenzo Vitturi, Anne de Vries en WassinkLundgren.

10 May – 01 Oktober 2014

Herengracht 474, Amsterdam NL
Edith Dekyndt, Martijn Hendriks, Alexandra Leykauf, Fiona Mackay, Katja Mater, Jean-Baptiste Maitre,  Navid Nuur,  Nick Oberhtaler, Cornelius Quabeck and Anne de Vries
Curated by Martin van Zomeren and Isabella D’Agostino.
by appointment on weekdays from 10.00 till 18.00

Opening 09 May 2014 17.00 hrs.

24 April – 23 June 2014

Avenue Céramique 250, Maastricht NL        
Tony Cragg, Johan Creten, István Csákány, René Daniëls, Richard Deacon, Jan Dibbets, Bob Eikelboom, Guido Geelen, Mary Heilmann, Camille Henrot, Pierre Huyghe, Gary Hume, Suchan Kinoshita, Ien Lucas, Marijn van Kreij, Sol LeWitt, Mark Manders, Rebecca Morris, Chaim van Luit, Robert Mangold, Katja Mater, Lei Molin, Hermann Nitsch, Navid Nuur, Laura Owens, Antonietta Peeters, Robert Ryman, Lara Schnitger, Richard Serra, Peter Struycken, Joëlle Tuerlinckx, Sanne Vaassen, Evi Vingerling.
Opening 24 April  2014 18.00 hrs.

12 April – 07 June 2014

Anwandstrasse 67, Zürich CH
Sarah Conaway, Georg Gatsas and Katja Mater
Opening 11April 18:00 - 21:00

29 Maart 2014 – 01 March 2015

Abdij plein, Middelburg NL    
Zachary Formwalt, Koen Hauser & Maarten Spruyt, Christian Jankowski, Marijn van Kreij, Katja Mater and Maarten Vanden Eynde.
Curated by Ivo van Werkhoven
Opening 29 March 2014 16.00 hrs.

01 February – 29 March 2014

Anwandstrasse 67, Zürich CH
Marc Nagtzaam with Koenraad Dedobbeleer, Katja Mater and Batia Suter and a selection of ROMA Publications
Opening 31 January 18:00 - 21:00

11 Januari – 31 Januari 2014

Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam NL
Opening 11 Januari 17:00 - 19:00 hrs.

Januari – July 2014
Oktober 2013

with works from 2010 - 2013:
Time Passing Objects, Density Drawings, Site-Specific Density Drawings, Parallel Planes and Objects
Editing: Veronica Ditting & Katja Mater, Design: Veronica Ditting
Essay: Maxine Kopsa, Captions: Alexander Mayhew

09 November 2013 – 02 Februari 2014

De Mortel 4, 's-Hertogenbosch NL
Lon Godin, Katja Mater, Navid Nuur (featuring Bruce Nauman), Gijs van Lith, Eli Walter.
Curated by Elly Stegeman

13 Oktober – 08 December 2013

Capucijnenstraat 98, Maasrticht NL

Curated by Valentijn Byvanck
Opening saterday 12 oktober 17:00 – 19:00 hrs.

07 September – 14 December 2013

Keizersgracht 401, Amsterdam NL
Popel Coumou, Elspeth Diederix, Eddo Hartmann, Scarlett Hooft Graafland, Juul Kraijer, Tanya Long, Katja Mater, Hellen van Meene, Awoiska van der Molen, Ilona Plaum, Emma van der Put, Viviane Sassen, Scheltens & Abbenes and Simon van Til.

23 May – 14 July 2013

Still / Life – Contemporary Dutch Photography
MAMM - Muzeĭ Multimedia Art Moscow
 in colaboration with FOAM
Opening May 23 at 19:00 Ostozhenka 16, Moscow
Artists: Melanie Bonajo, Kim Boske, Blommers & Schumm, Elspeth Diederix, Fleur van Dodewaard, Uta Eisenreich, Peggy Franck, Marnix Goossens, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky, Paul Kooiker, Anouk Kruithof, Yvonne Lacet, Lernert & Sander, Charlott Markus, Katja Mater, Krista van der Niet, Jaap Scheeren & Hans Gremmen, Scheltens & Abbenes, Diana Scherer, Johannes Schwartz, Ingmar Swalue, Marianne Vierø, Anne de Vries and Qiu Yang.

18 May 2013 at 16h30 

Avenue de Jette 41 Koekelberg

A talk by Steven Humblet (art critic) in the Mater, Deraedt & Fliervoet exhibition. 

27 Apr – 08 June 2013

Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam NL

23 February – 15 June 2013

Jetselaan 41 – Avenue de Jette 41, 1081 Koekelberg / Brussels 
Photo works by Sarah Deraedt, Maartje Fliervoet and Katja Mater. A.VE.NU.DE.JET.TE - INSTITUT DE CARTON vzw is an initiative launched by a few artists, aims at organising two or three times a year a special show in a privately owned house in Brussels.

January 2013

An online work:
Site Specific Density Drawing 18/12/12 Arnhem


December 2012

Featured in the December Issue of Modern Painters,
part of 24 artists to watch.

22 November 2012 – 06 January 2013

Møllergata 34, Oslo NO
Katja Mater’s first solo exhibition in Norway, Conversion of Time brings together work from the last two years including Density Drawings, Parallel Planes and Time Passing Objects  
Curated by Stephanie von Spreter

08 November – 22 December 2012

323 West 39th Street, New York USA
Ion Arregui, Hector Arce Espasas, Buestue & Vives, Sara Deraedt, Alexandra Domanovic, Steffani Jemison, Katja Mater, Julia Spinola.
Curated by RIVET

02 - 04 november 2012

Esperantoplein 19, The Hague NL
David Bowen, Spiros Hadjidjanos, David Letellier, Katja Mater, Miranda Meijer, Sarah van Sonsbeeck, Veerle Thoben, Pieter Vermeersch, John de Weerd
curated by Bronne Keesmaat and Lorraine Haye

07 September – 28 October 2012

Mauritiuswall 35 Cologne DE
Gwenneth Boelens, Piet Dieleman, gerlach en koop, Sara van der Heide, Martijn Hendriks, Bas van der Hurk, Rob Johannesma, Katja Mater, Marc Nagtzaam, Falke Pisano, Roma Publications, Petra Stavast, Batia Suter, Remco Torenbosch, Martijn in ‘t Veld.
Curated by Lorenzo Benedetti

17 July – 12 September 2012

Rua Santo António à Estrela 33 Lisbon PO
Alejandro Cesarco, Henrik Hakanssen, Runo Lagomarsino, Edgar Martins, Katja Mater, Matt Mullican, Joao Onofre, Lisa Oppenheim, Philomene Pirecki, Dieter Roth, Lisa Tan, Jack Vickridge, Lawrence Weiner and Guido van der Werve.
Curated by Luiza Teixeira de Freitas

02 June – 27 July 2012

521 West 21st Street, New York, NY  USA
Lucia H. Chung, Robert Crouch, Yann Novak, and Martin J. Thompson James Elaine and William Basinski, Ian Kiaer, Katja Mater, Rosalind Nashashibi, Virginia Poundstone and Ry Rocklen
curated by Janine Armin and Suzy M. Halajian

02 February – 08 April 2012

Ronda Valencia 2, Madrid SP
Bas Jan Ader, Feiko Beckers, Gwenneth Boelens, Marinus Boezem, Stanley Brouwn, Jan Dibbets, Sharon Houkema, Martin In't Veld, Katja Mater, Navid Nuur, Ger van Elk, Marijn van Kreij
curated by Javier Hontoria

14 January – 24 March 2012

Markt, Middelburg & De Kabinetten van de Vleeshal, Zusterstraat 7, Middelburg NL
Gwenneth Boelens, Piet Dieleman, gerlach en koop, Sara van der Heide, Martijn Hendriks, Bas van der Hurk, Rob Johannesma, Katja Mater, Marc Nagtzaam, Falke Pisano, Roma Publications, Petra Stavast, Batia Suter, Remco Torenbosch, Martijn in ‘t Veld
Curated by Lorenzo Benedetti

14 January – 25 February 2012

535 West 24th Street, New York USA
Raul De la Cruz, Calum Colvin, Ludovica Carbotta, Sebastien Girard, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Ivan Mikhaylov, Nelli Palomaki, Sharon Yaari and Katja Mater
Bruce Silverstein Gallery with the guidance of curatorial advisor Nathan Lyons, annually invites ten prominent curators to nominate one artist whom they feel deserves the opportunity for further exposure within New York's cultural milieu. I was invited by curator Marchel Feil

14 January – 04 March 2012

AMOA-Arthouse, 700 Congress Avenue Austin Texas USA
Sterling Allen, Facundo Argañaraz, Strauss Bourque LaFrance, Katja Mater, Christopher Samuels, Justin Swinburne and J. Parker Valentine.
Through the creation of complex visual narratives, the international artists in this exhibition present provocative abstract forms that investigate art’s potential to interrupt and/or reconstruct elements of everyday life. Each of the seven  artists test the boundaries of working abstractly, with found objects and images, reformed digital technologies, as well as reference traditional techniques. While exploring the potential of objects in space, their ideas coalesce around an opposition to fixed forms. By encouraging examinations of context and allowing for ambiguous formal and narrative combinations to inform one another, Evidence of Houdini’s Return focuses on the value of abstraction in contemporary art discourse today.
Curated by Rachel Adams

25 November 2011 – 22 January 2012

Vieux-Grenadiers 10 Genève CH
with:  Rosa Barba, Pavel Büchler, Hollis Frampton, Louise Hervé et Chloé Maillet, Robert-Jan Lacombe, Chris Marker, Katja Mater, Wendelien van Oldenborgh, Margaret Salmon, Hito Steyerl, Gitte Villesen, Akram Zaatari. Screenings: Chantal Akerman, James Benning, Brent Green, Isidore Isou, William E. Jones.
The project takes Chris Marker's "La Jetée" as a point of departure, and researches the notion of time and memory, and more specifically the relationship between image and mark, traces, traumatism.
The collective exhibition will allow to insert the film – like a Freudian mnesic trace, and as an early work overloaded with possible inspirations and formal as well as conceptual tracks of thoughts – in a dialogue with about 10 mainly recent works. These will offer different formats and materials – not only short films or installations, but also plastic works and a performance – allowing thus for a broadening of the reflection.
Curated by Emilie Bujès and Katya García-Antón

23 October – 20 november 2011

De Constant Rebecqueplein 20b, The Hague NL
Artists: David Claerbout, Nathalie De Briey, Robbrecht Desmet, Victoria Fu, Julien Grossmann, Katja Mater, Alexandra Navratil, Noor Nuyten, Magdalena Pilko, Petra Stavast and Joe Winter
In Tangible Time: Chasing the Invisible artists are brought together who work with the concept of time and make it tangible in a visual manner. In the selected works time is stretched, stapled, fragmented, reconstructed or show in relation to distance. Photography, installations, films, drawings and publications are part of the whole in which time is deconstructed and the approach of physics is ignored in favour of the imaginary.
Curated by Danielle van Zuijlen.

08 October – 30 October 2011

Royal Palace, Dam square, Amsterdam NL
On 07 October 2011 I was awarded the Royal Award for Painting 2011, together with Marie Civikov, Omar Koubâa and Navid Nuur.
The Royal Awards for Painting are presented each year by Her Majesty the Queen. They were first introduced by King William III in 1871 as an incentive to talented young painters. Queen Emma, Queen Wilhelmina, Queen Juliana and the incumbent Queen Beatrix have kept up the tradition to this day.
Dutch independent professional artists who had not reached the age of 35 years on January 1, 2011, could compete for the Award. In 2011 – in response to advertisements in various media, over 200 artists’ sent in slides and documentation. 80 Artists were asked to submit two paintings for the second round.

16 September – 05 November 2011

Corso Venezia, 22 Milano, IT
Artists: Mario Airò, Tony Brown, Claude Collins-Stracensky, Paolo Gonzato, Franco Guerzoni, Eva Marisaldi, Katja Mater, Liliana Moro, Nathaniel Rackowe, Davide Tranchina, Mark Aerial Waller, Silvio Wolf.

09 September – 26 October 2011

Keizersgracht 609, Amsterdam NL
Artists: Melanie Bonajo, Kim Boske, Blommers & Schumm, Elspeth Diederix, Fleur van Dodewaard, Uta Eisenreich, Peggy Franck, Marnix Goossens, Eva-Fiore Kovacovsky, Paul Kooiker, Anouk Kruithof, Yvonne Lacet, Lernert & Sander, Charlott Markus, Katja Mater, Krista van der Niet, Jaap Scheeren & Hans Gremmen, Scheltens & Abbenes, Diana Scherer, Johannes Schwartz, Ingmar Swalue, Marianne Vierø, Anne de Vries and Qiu Yang.

26 June – 13 July 2011
Time and Time Again at Walden Affairs

Zuidwal 52, The Hague NL
Alexandra Leykauf & Katja Mater & Marjolein Rothman.
The paintings, photographs and films gathered in the exhibition time and time again visualise the process that brought them into being,offering an image not as the final result of the artistic process but as one possibility amongst others.

04 September – 30 October 2010
Density Drawings at Galerie Martin van Zomeren

Prinsengracht 276, Amsterdam NL

December 2009
A Study on Colour, publication

Publication: A Study on Colour
158 x 210 mm, 68 pages
Design by Veronica Ditting
Text by Will Holder
Published by Heden The Hague
ISBN 978-90-78203-14-8
Available in Amsterdam at Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum and Shashin Books, or can be ordered online here.



Mater’s practice focuses on the parameters of photography and film from a meta-perspective, using them as non-transparent media. By creating hybrids between different optical media, installation and performance she documents something that often is positioned beyond our human ability to see. Interested in revealing a
different or alternative (experience of) reality through capturing the areas where optical media hardly behave like the human eye, Mater mediates between time, space, perception and our understanding of them, she records events that simultaneously can and cannot be – holding midway between information and

Curriculum Vitae


Publication: Multiple Densities
230 x 305 mm, 188 pages
Design by Veronica Ditting
Essay by Maxine Kopsa
Published by ROMA Publications
ISBN 978-94-91843-07-5
Distributed by Idea Books
Order online here.
Publication: A Study on Colour
158 x 210 mm, 68 pages
Design by Veronica Ditting
Text by Will Holder
Published by Heden The Hague
ISBN 978-90-78203-14-8
Available in Amsterdam at Athenaeum
Nieuwscentrum, or can be ordered online here.


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