Single works each build up out of multiple versions c-prints

In Tiled a moment gets expanded and split up, unfolded and tiled back together. Each c-print captures the process of the making of a painting on an object or paper. They all have slightly different outcomes, by overlaying different fragments of the same event on multiple negatives. Each of these negatives offers a different view on the same event in time and thereby visualizes different ways of looking at one moment in time. The split moments are then brought together to form one bigger image; the final work is both fragmented and whole.

Site Specific Tiled 14/12/16 Prague
36 tiled C-prints
Tiled 11
Three tiled C-prints
99,1 x 90,4 cm
Tiled 03
Four tiled C-prints and black ink and markerdrawing on yellow paper
65,5 x 51,5 cm and 127 x 99,1 cm
Tiled 01
Four tiled instant posatives, bariete
20,3 x 25,4 cm
Tiled 6
Three C-prints with different ratios tiled
58,5 x 55 cm
Tiled 02
Four tiled C-prints
124,5 x 99 cm