11'43'' digitalized 16 mm film 
3 tracks in a 0’30’’ interval 
Made possible by Rietveld TV, Amsterdam 
Special thanks to Marieke Coppens, Jessica Gysel & Benjamin Verhoeven

Threefold explores the making of a drawing in an approximate golden spiral with itself using a 30 second interval between the 3 frames. A film that creates a new new present moment by resonating between its own past, present and future, providing a surreal time experience. The soundtracks (a single 7,83 Hz tone) on its turn start to resonate with itself. Also performed with a live soundtrack; the echoing sound of singing crystal bowls generates an interference pattern of interacting sound waves.

The link to watch the full film is available upon request.

Threefold, 2018
(a 3 min excerpt)