A black square was attached to a chair that was moved away from the
camera little by little. Six different exposures were made on
one negative, with the camera’s lens remaining focused on the black square.
This three-dimensional composition was the result of having
manually spaced various paper rectangles and subsequently
making five exposures on a single negative.
The process of making a chalk drawing was captured here on a negative in a single exposure by keeping the camera’s shutter open for
one minute. The left hand can be seen holding the paper, while the right hand, due to the continuous drawing motion, has become a blur.
The order in which the parts of the drawing were made determined the composition: the darkest parts came first, the lightest parts last.
In this composition, which was a test for mixing colours within the camera,
three exposures were made on one negative, starting with the red square at the bottom,
followed by the blue square on the right, and ending with the yellow
The image on the left shows a large piece of crepe paper on the wall of the studio. The image on the right
encapsulates four exposures on a single negative, documenting the successive cutting of holes in the paper.
With tape the photographic frame was indicated on the walls and floor. The outer-
most dotted line marked the area that would not show up on the instant film. The two
crosses served as focal points for the camera.
These drawings served as a guideline for painting the wall from white to black for the work Site- Specific
Density Drawing 11/06/11 Basel. The numbers, special characters and shadings indicated the sequence of
the areas that were to be painted.
The line drawing on this transparencie mapped out the composition of the site-
specific density drawing realised in Basel. The transparencie was placed on the glass
plate of the technical camera to help position the line drawings on the wall.
This instant films shows the first two steps in the painting of a wall
from white to black (in connection with Site- Specific Density
Drawing 23/08/13 Maastricht).
For this photograph four exposures were made on a single negative.
This is an early experiment with three-dimensionality showing a paper
object, painted with black acrylic paint, positioned in the studio.
This image, consisting of four exposures on a single negative, shows
how a paper object eventually collapsed under the weight of the paint
This preparatory sketch for the series Folded Variations shows the
dimensions of the paper object that was to be constructed.
This photograph of a paper object shows the positions at which the
lines of the composition started and ended.
These photographs show the making of a composition for the project Interior AI, tape in four different
colours had been applied to indicate the four successive stages in the painting process.
This image shows one moment during the process of painting the
space of Interior A–J from blue to silver.