16mm, 06'04" film installation & painted exhibition rooms and floors

The work Fields on a Line was conceived in a step-by-step capturing of the painting of the exhibition room walls and floors in four different colours, and the subsequent re- painting in white. During the process, a camera repeatedly travelled a set course through the gallery space. The result is a 16mm video installation with the exhibition space as a residue. As implied by the title, different moments are layered in time, and parallel spaces unfold in the lens’ fixed field of vision. The track covered by the camera eye, and the added timeline that emerges in the process, become visible on the multiple exposed film.

DOP Leo Lefevre
Motion Controle by Alex Heus & Marc Slings. Made possible by KIOSK, Ghent and The Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam

NOTE: this is a excerpt
Fields On A Line
16 mm film installation, 06’03’’
Painted exhibition rooms and floors