In the series Celebrating RGB Color Space, I create stretched exposures while colored object are photographed while being made to move.  The emphasis is no longer on the catching of a moment, but on the construction of an image during the time the shutter is open. The familiar but peculiar result is that the object begins to blur, it looses its definition, its boundaries, and dimensions. The object sheds its form and becomes disembodied color, floating flat and strange in the context of a 3D space. Through the process, the object is broken, but its photographic essence, its color, is enhanced. These reduced objects become color fields in the purest sense. They are pure color captured on film without the hindrance of physical form. And like colored pigments on canvas, these colored fields can be combined to create blended fields and arranged composition.

C-print 95 cm x 95 cm
+ & -
Diptych of two c-prints, both 32 x 41 cm
Yellow + Blue
C-print 33 x 41 cm
Blue Moving Still Life 01 & 02
Diptych of two c-prints