Time is an Arrow, Error
by Katja Mater

Two clock-faces are staring at each other.
They are two sides of one thing, as different as they are the same.
They move as two bodies revolving around each other, into a tender embrace.
A kiss, made of time, in time.
Mirrored shape shifters, their hour-numbers climbing on each other's shoulders.
Running up against the limits of their own usefulness, clocklikeness.

A book by Katja Mater, with a text by Amelia Groom designed by Elisabeth Klement
79 clocks, 192 pages, open spine, 17 × 21 cm
Printed by Wilco Art Books on Arena White Rough by Fedrigoni

price: €26

Netherlands/Belgium: €6 Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom (EUR1): €11 all other countries in Europe excl. Russia (EUR2): €13 all other countries incl. Russia (INTL): €22

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